About eagle eye automotive

Welcome to eagle eye automotive, where we promise to deliver the professionalism of a main dealer and the pin point precision of a race team to the independent market!

A brief history on founding technician Lewis Holt. With 15 years of industry experience covering all aspects of the motor trade, originally  working in one of Basingstoke's leading independent garages, moving on to the prestige dealership of Audi. From here he entered the world of breakdown assistance and joined the AA, regularly maintaining his position as a top 10% patrol in the south of England. Moving forward and wanting to be on top of modern technologies ever advancing complexities he returned to the dealership environment, joining a local multi brand dealer. Relentlessly researching and training his way to become the qualified expert technician for the Hyundai brand. More recently after wanting a fresh challenge he joined a local race team as the lead technician, designing and building complete wiring harnesses from scratch and rebuilding engines and transmissions.

Here at eagle eye automotive we are constantly investing in the latest tools, software and literature to keep on top of every aspect of modern motoring. Using OEM spec parts, the highest quality oils and fluids we are determined to offer you the very best service available for your vehicles.