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To welcome all new customers to eagle eye automotive we are offering a 10% discount from your labour costs on your first visit!

Diagnostic health check

Warning lights on your instrument cluster? intermittent faults? Modern vehicles can have 100's of different electronic modules, digital networks, fibre optic cabling and infrared signals. Using the latest diagnostic technology we can scan every module fitted to your vehicle for any fault codes stored, print out and advise you on any remedial work needed.


Brake fluid change

Brakes are arguably the most important system on a car, an often neglected part of that system is your brake fluid. Over a period of time brake fluid absorbs water thus causing the boiling point to drop, in turn causing spongey pedal and in sever cases brake failure. We can measure the water content FOC advise and if needed replace for the special price of just £25.


Gearbox strip and reseal

Irritating oil droplets on the drive? slipping clutch? A known issue with the smaller Hyundai models (i10,i20,i30) is the gearbox developing a leak from within the gearbox. Although starting as a minor leak if left ignored oil starvation can occur inside gearbox causing irreversible damage. With our expert knowledge on the brand we can remove your gearbox strip down, replace worn seals and reseal gearbox housing and refill with fresh oil. *price shown is for 1.2 models, further cost if clutch friction plate is contaminated and requires replacement  

£199 *see description

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