Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance is vitally important to keeping your vehicle running reliably and at its optimum performance. Here at eagle eye automotive we can service your vehicle to the highest standard whether you are sticking to your vehicles manufacture maintenance schedule using genuine parts and oil, or would like to use our very own schedule using OEM spec parts we can cater for you. 

General repairs

We are able to carry out all general repairs for you, from wear and tear items such as brakes, suspension and exhausts to those irritating knocks and rattles that have been bugging you! If you have any questions or require a quote please don't hesitate to make contact!

Four wheel alignment

Steering wheel not straight? Tyres wearing unevenly? Using the latest 4 wheel alignment equipment we can get your vehicle driving straight again. Extending the life of your tyres and improving fuel economy.  

Aircon system repairs

Car not as cold as it used to be? Aircon making strange sounds or smells?


We are FGAS certified and insured on both R134A and R1234yf systems. We are able to carry out diagnostics, repairs and regas on both systems.

Auto electrics and diagnostics

Modern vehicles can have hundreds of electronic modules, digital networks and fibre optic cabling. Using a range of tools from diagnostic scanners and oscilloscopes to intelligent power probes and temperature probes we can diagnose and repair your vehicle, whether its a corroded pin through to a faulty module we will get your car back on the road as quickly as possible.  

ECU Remapping

We are an authorised dealer for SA tuning, this means we can remap your vehicle to maximise performance and fuel economy. We also offer EGR / DPF Solutions aswell as a number of other services. We use genuine tools and can perform OBD and bench tuning.

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